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Sony Design tech show highlights Italy's arts

Sony Design's Lombardia event aims to remind us that technology can be beautiful as well as functional.

European readers with an eye for design and a free afternoon might like to know about the latest Sony Design event being held in Milan, Italy, this week that combines technology with old-fashioned Italian craftsmanship.

The Master Craft Lombardia showcase features a dozen of the best Japanese and Italian collaborations, with the focus clearly on both form and function. Running until 10pm on Sunday, the show kicks off this morning at 10am.

Combining crafts

Standouts include the Surround Sound Chair, with wireless speakers embedded in Lombardy leather, and the Folding Screen Television System, which integrates display and frame in a tribute to Japanese folding screens.

Although these events are mostly about possibilities, rather than probabilities, it's always good to escape the economic pressures that shape modern consumer technology and dream just a little.