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Apple marketing boss takes us to iPhone grammar school

Phil Schiller

An age-old question was answered this week: how do you pluralize Apple products? Are they "iPhones?" Is it proper to say, "I have two iPads?" Thanks to Apple marketing head Phil Schiller, we now have an answer.

Apparently, you're never supposed to pluralize Apple products. Ever.

This revelation came to light when Benedict Evans, a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, posted a link to Twitter about a podcast in which he discussed "iPads Pro." Although that sounds awkward, it works like "passersby."

A Twitter argument about how to pluralize Apple products ensued. The argument was brought to an end when someone summoned Schiller to have the final world.

"One need never pluralize Apple product names. Ex: Mr. Evans used two iPad Pro devices," wrote Schiller in a tweet.

He went on to give another example. "It would be proper to say 'I have 3 Macintosh' or 'I have 3 Macintosh computers."

I have 3 Macintosh. I don't know if that's any better than iPads Pro but, hey, you heard it from the horse's mouth. Now stop calling them iPhones! Or, you know, call them whatever you want because we all understand what you're saying.

Via TechCrunch