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This brilliant HTC Vive bundle will save you over £150 this Black Friday

If you’re looking to pick up a VR headset this Black Friday, this may well be the deal that you’ve been looking for. Any purchase of the HTC Vive (which we’ve currently got as our best VR headset in the world) will come with a free bundle worth over £150.

The bundle includes pretty much everything you need to get yourself set up for a top-of-the-range VR experience. Included in the bundle is:

HTC Vive | Deluxe Audio Strap | Doom VFR | Fallout 4 VR | Tilt Brush | Viveport - now £599
Get pretty much everything short of the PC for less than £600 with this brilliant HTC Vive bundle this Black Friday.

VR you ready?

The audio strap has a set of decent quality headphones (as you’d probably imagine), but its real benefit comes from the way that the strap makes the Vive sit on your head, making long term play comfortable. 

Viveport will give you access to a library of VR games and apps that will allow you to play more than just your two games, which will be great, because as great as Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR are looking set to be, you will want to see all that VR can offer. 

As this is a Black Friday deal that actually lands on Friday, it'll go live November 24 and will last until midnight on Monday November 27. You'll be able to find the deal on Very, and directly from the Vive website.

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.