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Virgin Media announces key BT Sport deal

irgin Media announces key BT Sport deal
BT Sport - coming to Virgin

Just days before the football season kicks off, it has been announced that Virgin Media customers will get BT Sport for no additional cost if they are signed up to the TV XL plan.

The deal is a major coup for Virgin Media as it battles Sky, allowing its top-tier TV customers access to 38 Premier League matches as well as Aviva rugby.

For additional fees Virgin Media customers can now access Sky Sports as well as the BT Sport channel.

Subs bench

Virgin is keen to point out that its subscribers can now get all the sports channels through its own payment mechanisms whereas people who subscribe to BT Sport and have Sky boxes will have to have a subscription with BT as well as Sky.

The BT Sport content will also be available on Virgin TV Anywhere - although that is currently only confirmed to be 'coming soon', so no hard launch date.

For Virgin customers not on TV XL, the service can be added for £15 a month, compared to £12 a month on Sky with a £15 activation fee on top.

Still, for those with a top-tier Virgin Media package, this is clearly good news.