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Sony shows off new television ranges

Sony shows off new television ranges
Not 4K, but still pretty - and considerably cheaper

Amid all the understandable hoo-ha about its 4K televisions, you may have missed the fact that Sony also unveiled some quaint old Full HD offerings.

Sony knows that not everyone is ready to be an early adopter of 4K (and not everyone has the capacious wallet needed for it either). To that end, it announced four new ranges: the W802A series, W900A series, the W802A series and the lower end W650A and W600As.

Specced in Full

The W900A series certainly merits more attention, bringing as it does X-Reality Pro, Triluminos Display, one-touch mirroring with NFC and the new Sony SideView.

Also on offer is Active 3D, Motionflow XR 800Hz and the now familiar smart offerings from the Sony Entertainment Network. Size-wise it comes in 55,46 and 40-inch SKUs.

Next up, the W802A has much the same in the way of features, although it is offering passive 3D - which many still prefer on 55, 47 and 42-inch sizes.

The cheaper range comes in 42, 32 and even 24-inch sizes and skips the whole 3D caboodle entirely.

The ranges are expected to hit stores in April.