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Sony launches iOS app for Reader

Sony Reader iOS app
Sony's finally launched an iOS app for its Reader ebook

Long before Amazon took the ereading world by storm with its Kindle, Sony launched its own range of e-ink devices. Those devices have just become a lot more versatile, with the launch of the Sony Reader app on iOS.

The app offers access to all books purchased through the Sony Reader store, or even those contained within a Sony Reader library.

Previously, DRM on books purchased for a Sony Reader had been restricted to the Japanese company's devices, although this app will allow users to read those books from any iOS device running version 4.3 or later.

Not quite Whispersync

The launch of the app hasn't necessarily satisfied Sony Reader users, with complaints about DRM filling the iTunes review page.

Despite including the ability to create and sync bookmarks across devices, the app lacks a Whispersync like function to keep you automatically synced across devices.

Even more disappointing is the fact that the app is exclusive to the US iTunes store, despite Sony Reader devices being available around the world.

On the upside, American users who download the app will receive a free short story from urban fantasy author, Kim Harrison.

Via: ZDnet