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Nokia Here maps is out on Galaxy devices, and the Gear S should follow

Nokia Here maps
Nokia Here maps extends its reach

Update: Samsung's only response to our query was to reiterate that the Samsung Gear S will launch this fall on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

So maybe we're reading too much into this - or maybe the Gear S will indeed launch soon.

Original story follows…

Samsung and Nokia announced back in August that they were teaming up to bring the Here maps app to Galaxy devices, and now the app is available from Google Play.

Samsung handsets including the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, among any other running Android 4.1 with at least 1GB of RAM, should now have access to Here maps.

That's good news for Samsung users looking for a Google Maps alternative for whatever reason, but more importantly this may herald the impending release of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Off the map

Back in August Samsung said Here maps would hit Galaxy devices by the time the Gear S is out. Like the four horsemen will herald the apocalypse, so Here maps should herald the Gear S.

Now we have our Here maps, but no Gear S. What gives?

The Gear S has been pegged from the beginning with a nebulous "this fall" release date, but surely it should be out soon.

We've asked Samsung to make sure we didn't miss a Gear S press release in our junk folders or something, and we'll update here if we get anything useful in return.

Via Android Community