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AirCurve, the powerless iPhone amp, unveiled

The iPod AirCurve
The iPod AirCurve

With so many gadgets coming out for the iPod and iPhone it's hard for most products to stand out from the crowd. This isn't the case with Griffin's new AirCurve.

Looking and sounding great, the AirCurve amplifies the music from your iPhone, without the need of electricity.

Simply slot in the player and let the ergonomics of the plastic base do their thing. Created in such a way that music travels through a coiled base, coming out a whole lot meatier on the other side.

Music in the air

TechRadar was lucky enough to get a preview of the device before it debuted at the Mac Expo in Paris and were impressed with the sound that comes out.

Though not powerful enough to replace your stereo, the AirCurve is a handy bedside device.

The AirCurve is priced at £19.99 and will be found in the Apple Store and Carphone Warehouse from October.