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Possible HD camera for new iPhone

Possible HD camera for new iPhone
The iPhone 5's front-facing camera may be HD, for clearer FaceTime calls

The iPhone 4S is famed for being celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz's favourite camera, but rumours are surfacing about some new photography features destined for the iPhone 5, which some expect will be released later this year, possibly in September or October.

This sixth iteration of the iPhone could feature an improved front-facing HD camera, according to a report from a technology analyst.

Apple will be making "quite a few essential adjustments" to its next iPhone, KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo claims in a note to investors earlier this week.

HD video calls

As well as incorporating an HD resolution in the front-facing camera, Kuo claims that the iPhone 5 could also feature a flip-chip solution, and that the camera's position would be moved to the middle.

The reasons behind the claims are based around more solid indications that the new iPhone will feature a 4-inch screen. Such a large screen would show up the limitations of the current iPhone's front-facing VGA resolution camera.

As far as the rear-facing 'photographic' camera goes, Kuo thinks Apple will stick with the current 8MP resolution but that the phone will use a new CMOS chip developed by Sony, and that the camera will have with a slightly wider aperture for improved low-light performance.