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LG G4 'confirmed' to be skipping MWC 2015, launching May at earliest

Hoping to glimpse the LG G4 at MWC 2015? You might be out of luck

MWC 2015 runs from March 2 to 5 and some of the biggest tech companies in the world are expected to flock to Barcelona to show off their newest handsets. However it looks like LG won't be showing off its upcoming LG G4 smartphone.

According to an unnamed LG executive that spoke to Korean website Chosun, LG is looking to release the G4 no sooner than a year after it launched the LG G3. That handset launched in May 2014, so if the executive is correct we're unlikely to see the LG G4 until May this year.

Rather than showing off an incomplete handset at MWC 2015, LG will instead continue to work on the handset for a later release when it's ready.

LG will still be present at MWC 2015, and although it might not be showing off the LG G4 it looks set to unveil a number of wearable devices.

Via GForGames