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White Samsung Galaxy S2 arrives in UK

White Samsung Galaxy S2 arrives in UK
White Samsung Galaxy S2

A white Samsung Galaxy S2 handset will be made available from today in the UK.

For those people who don't like Apple but love white phones, the landmark day has finally arrived and you can now get your mitts on a white Samsung Galaxy S2.

Aside from its pale hue, you will also be getting one of the finest smartphones around according to TechRadar's Samsung Galaxy S 2 review, running Android 2.3 and sporting a dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

Huge hit

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: "Since its launch in May the Galaxy S2 has been a huge hit with Samsung consumers.

"We always want to offer a range of products that suit different people and are delighted to now be able to give consumers the choice of the UK's leading Android smartphone in black or white."

So if you want a 'classic white' handset (as opposed to that newfangled modern white and its flashy ways) then you can nip out and get your Galaxy S2 from the usual retailers.

And if you don't fancy the Galaxy S2, our smartphone buyer's guide should help you choose a handset that's a bit more up your street: