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TomTom sat nav software heading to iPhone

TomTom heads to iPhone soon
TomTom heads to iPhone soon

TomTom has prepared a version of its popular sat nav software to run on Apple's iPhone, which the company plans to release online via Apple's AppStore in the near future.

Weighing up Apple strategy

TechRadar spoke with a TomTom UK rep this morning who told us that the company was not concerned about TomTom software on iPhone 'cannibalising' traditional sales of TomTom hardware.

"No, we feel that it complements what we already offer," the rep told us. "Though we are looking at Apple's strategy before we can say more."

Free Google Maps

So, no details yet on pricing or planned release date for TomTom on iPhone, but we will of course be sure to bring you all those details as soon as we have them.

In the meantime you might just want to make to with the freely available 2D version of Google maps when you pick up your shiny new, £100 iPhone on 9 July.