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Surprise, Surprise! iPhone 5 jailbroken on day one

Surprise, Surprise! iPhone 5 jailbroken on day one
Jailbreak is not yet available to the public

It has apparently taken one crafty hacker just a few hours to penetrate Apple's defences and jailbreak the iPhone 5.

Renowned iPhone safe-cracker Grant Paul, who uses the online handle 'chpwn', posted photos of his new smartphone running the unauthorised Cydia store, which plays host to unsanctioned apps.

The first snap features a screenshot of the new Cydia icon on the new larger iPhone 5 homescreen with the accompanying tweet: "Taller screens like Cydia too. :)"

After initial scepticism and suspicions of a photoshop job, the hacker followed it up with a screenshot of the open Cydia app store, and a photo of it running on the iPhone handset itself.


Sadly for iPhone 5 owners eager to crack the code themselves, Paul has not posted details of how to unlock the iOS 6 software just yet.

Rebellious iPhone fans have, in the past, been keen to free themselves from the App Store's walled garden, and obtain apps that cannot get Apple's approval.

Be warned though, jailbreaking the device will invalidate your iOS device's warranty.