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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play commercial leaked

The new Xperia Play commercial
The new Xperia Play commercial

Sony Ericsson has accidentally leaked the first commercial of its forthcoming Xperia Play handset, complete with a scary look at the Google Android robot.

Sony Ericsson is still refusing to confirm that it will be unveiling the Xperia Play, but the advert now confirms that it will be the first Playstation Certified device.

Norwegian website DroidNYTT managed to get the video, apparently by being on YouTube at the right time - so this must have been a slip by the brand.

Upgraded gameplay?

The video show some of the games in action too, and it looks correct that they'll be upgraded versions of PSOne titles - the gameplay doesn't seem to be in excess of anything today's phones can already manage.

If you want to see the phone in all its glory, check out TechRadar's extensive hands on Xperia Play review (along with the video) to see whether you think this will be a winning device or simply another N-Gage.