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Sony Ericsson announces Satio fix - but keeps it hush hush

Sony Ericsson Satio - end in sight to the problems
Sony Ericsson Satio - end in sight to the problems

Sony Ericsson has got in contact with us to let it be known that there's a fix for the Satio that will hopefully calm customer fears.

Although a fix for the device was available on the internet earlier this week, Sony Ericsson has now made it official that there will be an update.

However, it has said that it is keeping the matter on the Q-T until all the carriers have passed their versions of the software:

"Sony Ericsson can confirm that the software update for the generic version of Satio is now available via the Sony Ericsson support site.

Not pro active

"Sony Ericsson has not done any pro-active communication around this as normal procedure is to do so when all software scripts are uploaded (including all operator specific software scripts). We expect to be able to do this communication very shortly."

So if you're on Vodafone or similar and don't want to plug in the generic software to your phone - worry not, as there will likely be a fix coming for you in the near future.