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Samsung reboots i8910HD - by making it gold

Look, look... IT'S GOLD!
Look, look... IT'S GOLD!

Samsung has taken the i8910HD (or OmniaHD if you live in other regions, such as Italy) and made it more appealing to a new set - adding a bit of gold.

As reboots go, it's a pretty low key one, replacing the black plastic chassis with a more gold rim. And what's it called? The i8910 HD Gold.

But there's more than that! It also has a leather case, a cradle and a TV-out cable to boot. And not only that, but it comes in two varieties: Champagne Gold and Luxury Brown (although we're not sure what's luxury about a colour found in mud, sticks and poo).

Mo' memory, mo' money

Although on top of that the phone will come with 16GB of onboard memory as standard, although that was an option when the original i8910HD was released earlier this year, with Samsung telling us that the networks weren't interesting in stocking the larger capacity.

It's likely the new i8910HD Gold will be more expensive than the current version, which already was pretty expensive at £600-ish when released.

We've spoken to Samsung and there's no word as yet for a UK release, but it will be hitting the shops in Germany, Singapore and the Middle East - with the gold clearly designed to attract the more fashion conscious, wealthier man.