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Next two iPhones developed under Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
He's still at it. Somehow.

Apple has indicated that the next two iterations of the iPhone have already been designed, both of which were in the process before Tim Cook took the throne at Cupertino.

George Gascón, San Francisco District Attorney, told the San Francisco Examiner that he had been given the low-down about the next phones during a meeting with Apple's government liaison, Michael Foulkes. "They preceded Tim Cook," he said.

Though we can't say for sure what those two iPhones will be, we reckon there's a good chance they'll be called the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, not straying from Apple's usual naming format. Of course, it could also include the iPhone Mini.

Said too much, George?

If this is all true, it means that Apple was possibly looking further ahead than we thought, with Jobs having passed away in October 2011.

Gascón said that the two were in discussion about the possibility of kill-switch technology, a feature that will allow for remote permanent disabling of a device.

Kill-switch has been talked about for some time, but there's no indication whether this will appear in the next phones from Apple. But with these discussions taking place, it looks like the company is certainly considering it.

Via SlashGear