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O2, Carphone Warehouse to sell iPhone?

The question remains: who is going to get the coveted Apple iPhone contract in the UK and the rest of Europe?

Will O2 finally be picked as the Apple iPhone operator in the UK?

Rumours suggesting that O2 was mentioned in the source code on a Carphone Warehouse web page (which has since been removed) indicate so.

The Carphone Warehouse website already has a blank page ready which is reportedly intended as a teaser ad for the Apple iPhone. That's according to The Inquirer which has been searching the website for clues about the forthcoming device.

Viewing the now-removed web page's source code apparently exposed the words 'Apple' and 'iPhone'. It also revealed the ability to ask Carphone Warehouse to email you when the product becomes available. The word 'O2' also appeared in the source code, again raising the question of whether O2 is to get the coveted Apple iPhone contract in the UK.

Previous reports suggest that Apple has been in talks with O2 , Vodafone , T-Mobile and Orange about making its Apple iPhone available in Europe.

Different mobile networks have different strengths in different European markets, so it's likely that Apple won't go for one single operator, as it has done in the US. Choosing a retailer like Carphone Warehouse would also ensure a wide distribution of the Apple iPhone in the UK.