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Dawn of iDay: iPhone anticipation mounts

The people queuing up outside New York's Apple Store have been braving the rain and cold in order to get their hands on an Apple iPhone. (Photo credit: Wired)

Apple iPhone fans have been queuing up outside Apple Stores since Tuesday. And now that iDay has finally reached us, the queues are larger than those at Tesco in the run-up to Christmas.

The queues outside Apple and AT&T stores across the US now include 'normal' customers wanting to buy the Apple iPhone, as well as hardcore Apple fanboys who have been there since Tuesday .

In New York, some 100 shoppers are camped outside Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue store, where they'll be able to pick up two iPhones apiece. The two-phone option is only open to Apple Store visitors. Shoppers at AT&T stores can only buy one iPhone at a time.

With bets taking place on whether there will be massive chaos with people being trampled remains to be seen. With just over 12 hours to go until the 6pm launch, the wait is nearly over...

Here at we'll be staying up late tonight, blogging live from the launch at 11pm UK time. Check the site throughout the evening for the latest events from the US.