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iPhone 6 leaks show palm-stretching size increase again

iPhone 6 leaks depict palm stretching size increase again
Are you ready for an increase in your iPhone?

We've already seen a wealth of iPhone 6 leaks claiming to show a larger handset in the works, and the latest set of images to hit the web continue in this vein.

Spotted over on MyDrivers, the photos in question were apparently snapped at the factory where the iPhone 6 is being manufactured in China.

The front panel of the iPhone 6 is seen in both black and white, lined up alongside the 4-inch frontage of either the iPhone 5 or 5S, showing the size increase we could be in for.

Hands at the ready

An image of the panel in a hand shows how a larger iPhone will stretch the palm a little more than the current 4-inch setup, so you might want to start some hand exercises in preparation.

iPhone 6 - LEAK

iPhone 6 front panels (credit: MyDrivers)

Of course there's no guarantee these shots are legit, as they can be mocked up without a huge amount of effort - although they do reflect earlier leaks of the front panel so we're not ruling them out immediately.

The iPhone 6 is expect to launch in either September or October this year, with recent reports pegging the release date as September 19.

Via PhoneArena