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Instagram 2.0 adds hi-res pics, new filters

Instagram 2.0 makes adding filters 200 times faster

Instagram has updated its insanely popular iPhone photo-sharing app, adding new filters and photos with three times the resolution of its predecessor.

The updated app, which is available to download from today, will now take and share those Polaroid-esque snaps at 1936 x 1936, which is up from 612 x 612.

Instagram says the improvement, which will allow users to do much more with their photos, was "by far the most requested feature from pros and amateurs alike".

There's also four new filters to keep the hipsters happy, with Amaro, Rise, Hudson and Valencia joining the fray, and a new rebuilt engine that makes adding filters up to 200-times faster than before.

Instagram has also build a new-and-improved user interface, a completely new camera experience, the ability to rotate photos and turn borders on and off.

No Android love?

Despite this raft of improvements for the iOS app, there's still no hint of the app, which hit 150m uploads in August just 9 months after launch, arriving on the Android platform.

The company is currently boasting a user-base of nine million members. Surely that would at least double if it opened up to an Android version?

Perhaps the continued state of cheap Android phone cameras is putting the company off?

Via: Wired