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Finding McD's the augmented reality way

Find one of these even quicker with augmented reality

As we've seen a few times already, 'augmented reality' looks sure to become the hottest tech buzzword before too long, so let's add a little fuel to the fire by throwing on some hard news from Japan.

At this week's Wireless Japan show in Tokyo mobile phone network operators NTT DoCoMo and KDDI both showed off AR systems that look ready to hit the handsets pretty soon.

Where to eat?

DoCoMo's demo involved using the phone camera to analyse a scene and overlaying icons on the image to pinpoint restaurants. A quick tap then reveals all there is to know about said venue to help with those tricky dining decisions.

KDDI's implementation of AR was more on the fun side, focusing on arranging geotagged photos according to how far they are from the user's position.

Fun and games

While it might not be as practical as working out what to eat, the possibilities of sharing phone photos by location and actually seeing what's nearby are likely to appeal to the YouTube and Flickr generation.

Via Network World