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Big Chinese retailer sells just five iPhones

iPhone - the Chinese don't seem interested
iPhone - the Chinese don't seem interested

China Unicom, the Chinese network, has had the iPhone officially for a few weeks, but has only managed to shift five through an online retailer.

The network opened a portal on online e-tailer to shift more units of the new device (well, new to the network) and then found that only five were sold in two weeks.

At least an overwhelming majority of consumers went for the more expensive choice, with three (that's 60 per cent) heading for the 16GB option, with a mere two (40 per cent) plumping for the 8GB version.

Beating the grey

Apparently PC World is stating that the network only has sold 5,000 iPhones in the few weeks, with a number of reasons for the low sales.

Firstly, despite only just getting its 'own' iPhone, China has been one of the biggest markets for the device on import and grey market trading.

Couple that with the fact that the Chinese version is stripped down, with no Wi-Fi, and also costs 25 per cent more than one purchased from abroad, and you can see why sales might be down.

We reckon if it had been called the ChiPhone, sales might have been a bit better...

Via PC World