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Apple unveils new iPhone 3GS

Apple launches the latest iPhone
Apple launches the latest iPhone

Apple has done what everyone was expecting and brought a new iPhone to the world, the iPhone 3GS.

Due to be released on 19 June (the same day as the Nokia N97), the 16GB version costs $199 and the 32GB version costs $299. The new iPhone 3GS will be coming to the UK at the same time as the rest of the world a la the iPhone 3G, rather than having to wait a ludicrously long time as we did for the original version.

For those of you wanting a full run down of all the new features announced at WWDC 2009, check out our full list here.

Better camera

The new iPhone 3GS highlights include a 3MP camera with auto-focus and auto exposure as well as a video camera recording at 30fps and the option to edit on screen as well.

There's also extended battery life, a faster 3.5G HSDPA 7.2Mbps connection and processing power is also increased, although there's no word on how much faster it will be despite Apple calling it the 'fastest, most powerful iPhone yet'.

O2 has also announced it will hang on to the new iPhone 3GS on an exclusive deal, although no word on price has been given, although it will launch on 19 June.