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Apple may stop iPhone 5S Touch ID 'forgetting' your fingers

Apple may be about to fix iPhone 5S Touch ID 'fade' problem
Touch problems should hopefully fade to black

Not long ago, we reported that a number of iPhone 5S users were complaining of a "fade" issue with the iPhone 5S Touch ID scanner, causing it to forget your fingerprints over time.

Now a source "familiar with Apple's development plans" has said that the company is preparing to release a software update that could fix the problem.

The source, speaking to Appleinsider, said that Apple is aware of the problem experienced by early adopters of the 5S, and will release a free software update "relatively soon".

Give it the finger

It's unclear whether this will be part of iOS 7.1, which is expected to arrive mid-March, or its own standalone update.

Users who have experienced "fade" have temporary fixed the problem by reconfiguring their prints, however it's only taken weeks for the problem to appear again.

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