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Apple cuts the cord: iPad and iPhone no longer need a PC

So long, you pesky wires
So long, you pesky wires

Apple has announced that iOS 5 devices, including the iPhone and


, can now be activated and updated wirelessly.

This means that you no longer need to connect your iOS handset to a computer in order to activate or update it.

"You can activate on the device and you're ready to go," explained Apple's Scott Forstall.

But that's not all

"Software updates are now over the air. So you no longer need to plug-in to update your software. And they're now Delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole OS, you only download what's changed," he continued.

"We said, why do people go back to a computer? Calendars, people create or delete them. You can do that now. Photo editing, you can do it on the devices. Even mail – you can create folders.

"So if you want to cut the cord, you can."