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Apple bans Kama Sutra iPhone e-book

Nothing naughty allowed on here, says Apple

Any iPhone users hoping to get to grips with an e-book version of the Kama Sutra on their handsets will be disappointed after Apple effectively banned the manual from its App Store.

That's the indirect result of the rejection letter handed to Scottish programmer James Montgomerie when he applied to have his Eucalyptus e-book reader listed by Apple.

Thousands of books

Although Eucalyptus is designed to display the 28,000 classic books available online through Project Gutenberg, the fact that Indian sex guide is among them was sufficient grounds for the rejection.

Nevertheless, the book is available through other iPhone e-book readers that weren't banned by Apple, underlining the inconsistency behind the App Store approval process.

Available elsewhere

Speaking to the Guardian, Montgomerie said: "I'm frustrated that they would want to censor that, especially because there are so many other ways of getting the same content."

For now, Eucalyptus is available with a block in place to prevent access to the Kama Sutra, but it's clear the development community's frustration with Apple is going to run and run.

Update: Apple called Montgomerie today to say the uncensored version is now available to all.