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Acer Liquid already given UK release

Acer Liquid apparently ready and shipping
Acer Liquid apparently ready and shipping

Despite not being given a firm released date, the Android-powered Acer Liquid has begun shipping through online retailers.

Expansys and Clove are just two of those that have moved the device from pre-order; at our last check one of them had 63 in stock, so it seems the phone is definitely on the move.

If you need you memory refreshed, here are the highlights: a 3.5-inch screen features Android with a touch of multimedia skinning at the edges.

Faster, more powerful... back and white

There's also the small issue of it being the most powerful Android phone on the market (at least until the Sony Ericsson X10 and the HTC Bravo appear), with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor pushing things along nicely.

While rumour has it that the processor is being underclocked for some strange reason, when we played with it a while back we struggled to make it judder or slow down - although it can always change in the time to release.

If you're interested in the latest Android phone and can't be bothered with all that fixed term contract malarkey, then head on over to one of the retailers from the comfort of your computer chair - especially as it's a fairly reasonable £330.

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