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New Google Android phone launches

The Kogan Agora is only the second Android phone
The Kogan Agora is only the second Android phone

Google's new mobile operating system, Android, is now available on a handset that isn't the G1.

Only available in Australia, the phone is called the Kogan Agora, and will be available in Q1 of next year – 29 January, to be exact.

Like the G1, the phone will feature a whole host of Google-based applications.

These include: Google Calendar, GMail, a Google search bar and instant access to Google Maps and YouTube.

UK shipping available

The phone will RRP in Australia for $299, and there will be a Pro version, costing $399.

Unlike the G1, the handsets won't have sliding features. Instead, the Agora has more of a BlackBerry candy bar look and utilises a 2.5-inch touchscreen.

Other features include 3G and Bluetooth. If you fancy the pro version, you will also get Wi-Fi, a 2MP camera and GPS.

UK users don't have to feel left out, either. The phones are available for international shipping, which will cost you around £150 for the Kogan Agora and £200 for the Kogan Agora Pro.