Nvidia Shield TV deal sees price slashed to just £149.99


We’ve unearthed another nugget from the Amazon Prime Day goldmine, this time a £40 discount for the Nvidia Shield TV set-top box.

The Nvidia Shield TV usually costs £189.99, but you can pick one up today for just £149.99.

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It runs Android TV, software based on the Android platform used in phones, but tweaked to suit use as you’re near-horizontal, lounging on a sofa.

The best part is this deal comes with the Shield Game Controller, a gamepad much like those of the Xbox One and PS4.

Nvidia Shield 16GB: was £189.99, now £149.99 at Amazon
Our favorite streaming device and games console combo, the Android-powered Nvidia Shield is at an exceptionally low price of £149.99. That's a saving of £40, letting you stream games, Netflix and more in 4K HDR.View Deal

Android TV lets you play many surprisingly large-scale games, including Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Bully and Final Fantasy IX.

This is also where the Nvidia Shield TV gets an upper hand over the competition. It has a powerful Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which has an extremely powerful graphics processor. Even the Nintendo Switch uses this chipset.

As well as being useful for games, this lets the Shield TV handle 4K HDR video.

If you want a powerhouse smart interface for your TV, now’s the time to snap up an Nvidia Shield TV.

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