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Virgin Media brings 50Mb broadband to UK

Virgin Media's 50Mb modem
Virgin Media's 50Mb modem

Virgin Media will today announce its 50Mb broadband – bringing the UK a super-fast service through its fibre optic network.

The need for a better infrastructure in terms of the country's connections to the internet has become increasingly apparent – with the old copper network simply not capable of sustaining the rising need for fast and reliable connections.

With the government not prepared to invest in the network, it is up to individual companies to step up to the plate – but Virgin Media does have a huge advantage in this area due to its existing fibre optic network.


The 50Mb broadband package has been extensively trialled by the company over the past year, and they will officially unveil their new service this morning.

It will become the fastest internet broadband service available for a large audience – with BT only just beginning its trials of a super-fast service.

TechRadar will be at the launch to bring you all of the news, interviews and, however unlikely, any surprises that Virgin Media springs on the public.