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Motorola's new high end phone: the VE66

The Moto VE66
The Moto VE66

After the successful debut of the ZN5 5MP candybar from Motorola, it's decided not to deviate too far from a winning formula with the VE66 slider.

It has the same 5MP camera, though there's no word on whether the lenses are the same as used in the ZN5, which were branded as Kodak at the time.

It also has 3.5G connectivity, Wi-Fi support, a microSD memory card slot and runs on the Montavista Linux OS, which makes it nice and application-friendly.

We're lost

It only had a 2.4-inch screen and there's no GPS receiver on board, which we find frankly disappointing.

OK, in fairness Moto hasn't officially announced this slider, and it was found on Czech site Mobile Idnes, but the fact it supports quad band 3G for both the European and Chinese markets hints at a more universal (and believable) handset.

Obviously, that means there will be no word on when this is coming, but if you liked the look of the ZN5 but are in love with slider phones, then this is the handset for you.