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Motorola leaks more handsome handsets

Hot on the heels of the FLASH, RUSH2 and INFERNO, it appears the Motorola leak department has gone into overdrive by spilling the beans on three more handsets.

So say a big hello to the NIAGRA, FAIRBANKS and HARMONY, Motorola's attempt to ward off the evil credit crunch feeling that has been dominating its offices of late.

The NIAGRA is clearly the prettiest of the bunch here, with an angular chassis and RAZR style flush buttons, thus enabling a thinner form factor from this slider, and could even be part of the RAZR range that Moto will never, ever be able to put down.

Family affair

The others in the family are still worth a mention, not least because we get to see them earlier than usual.

The FAIRBANKS is a ruggedised clamshell with dedicated music keys, presumably to allow you easy access to your tunes when extreme mountain biking or something.

The HARMONY is a similar handset, albeit with a more dainty exterior and the lovely touchscreen buttons that have characterised Moto's clamshell music players.

Motorola appears to be betting big on 2009, and although the handsets look lovely, will need to market them at the right time in order to help the company stay afloat. Otherwise it could be thank you and goodnight from one of the bigger names in mobile manufacture.