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Apple iPhone firmware update 2.2.1 arrives

iPhone - updated
iPhone - updated

Apple has released the 2.2.1 firmware upgrade for the iPhone, which brings a host of bug fixes and much-needed stability to its Safari browser.

The changes for 2.2.1 had been widely leaked, but the expected tweaks for Google Street View, alterations to email and fixes for Safari are present and accounted for.

It's the latter that will cheer iPhone users most, especially those who have been dismayed by the instability of the phone's default Safari browser.

Safari default

Apple has recently allowed a few third-party browsers to appear in the App Store, but Safari remains the way that most users interact with the internet through their iPhones.

And the phone's browser has been beset with stability issues, often crashing back to the home menu mid-surf.

The latest update appears to have fixed this issue.

Also listed in the change log is a fix for a bug that meant some images saved from email didn't show up in the camera roll.