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Apple iPhone 3G for just one euro?

Have you stroked your iPhone today?
Have you stroked your iPhone today?

German Apple lovers will be feeling fairly chipper as T-Mobile has decided to get in on the subsidised iPhone 3G action.

The new iPhone will cost less than a pound in the move that asks for only 69 Euros (£55) per month in return.

However, when compared with O2’s £45 a month free iPhone 3G package, it doesn’t look as good.

Apple around the world

The move to subsidise the handsets comes as very little shock, as it once again highlights Apple’s admission the earlier revenue-sharing model it implemented with the exclusive operators was harming sales.

The company wants to sell 10 million devices by the end of the year, and will need to double its sale rate at least to achieve this.

However, dropping the device into 70 countries by the end of 2008 will probably help Apple achieve its merry little quest.