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What's square, silver and on Asus' Google+? A new device, of course

Asus device
Magical mystery machine

Ah, just what we wanted to end our Friday - a riddle.

Asus posted a metallic-looking cube on its Google+ profile this afternoon and asked the viewing audience to leave their guesses as to what it could be in the comments section.

The big reveal is tomorrow, and we're pretty curious what Asus has in store. The surface of whatever it is certainly sleek appealing, and those two black pegs on the bottom have us thinking it's a laptop, perhaps even a Chromebook a la the Google Pixel.

Google+ commenters seem to think it's anything from a set-top box for TV to a new Zenbook to a Roomba. What do you think we'll see Saturday? Give us your best guess in the comments section.

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