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Is it worth pre-ordering the 4G Samsung Galaxy S20 deals or sticking with 5G?

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When Samsung launched its brand new range of Galaxy phones, it pulled into the lane of 5G, making it clear it was ready for the new future of speeds and latency. But then, just for good measure they threw in an extra 4G option dangling at the back.

This 4G option isn't available across all three handsets, choose the Samsung S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra and you'll firmly plant yourself into 5G. Go for the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S20 and you get some choice.

And as you would have guessed, the 4G model is there purely for those who want to save some cash. SIM-free, the 4G model costs £100 less than the £899 5G edition and some 4G contract Samsung Galaxy S20 deals will skim a decent amount off the price.

So which one should you choose? It depends completely on how important 5G is to you. The two versions are completely identical with the exception of the 5G connectivity.

Going for the upgraded 5G version will be a lot more about safe-guarding for future use than anything. 5G isn't available in a lot of the UK yet, it's still a developing technology and some networks offering the 5G version of the phone don't even have 5G connection yet!

However, with the majority of mobile phone deals lasting for 24 or 36 months, you could well get stuck with a 4G handset as 5G thrives over the next couple of years. Cheaper pricing or a 5G future-proofed device? You decide.

With a number of retailers offering "5G for 4G prices" and generally trying to out-price each other, our best advice would be to simply look at the offers on both and if you can, find the cheapest 5G versions of the phone.

4G Samsung Galaxy S20 deals:

Samsung Galaxy S20: at Affordable Mobiles | O2 | £49 upfront | 90GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £49pm
Whether its the massive amount of data on offer or the low overall cost, this Samsung Galaxy S20 deal currently stands out as our favourite. It costs £49 upfront and £49 a month which lands you a whopping 90GB of data.
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Samsung Galaxy S20: at Affordable Mobiles | £69 upfront | 125GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48pm
It's EE, the most popular network around so we imagine this will be the first deal many gravitate to. It offers a whopping 125GB of data at a price of £48 a month and £69 upfront. That puts this well into the top positions for best prices around right now, especially considering that massive data cap.
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5G Samsung Galaxy S20 deals:

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G: at iD Mobile | £70 upfront (with code ID2999) | 5GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £39.99 per month 
While most Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are well in excess of £40 a month, this offer slips just under at a total monthly cost of £39.99. And on top of that, with the code ID2999, you're only actually paying £70 upfront. The only real downside is that this deal offers a lot less data than most other S20 deals and iD Mobile hasn't launched its 5G networks yet, however, as soon as they do, you will automatically get access too.
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Samsung Galaxy S20: at Three | £49.99 upfront| 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48pm
There is a lot to like about this offer from Three - there's not a lot to pay upfront, there's a massive 100GB of data on offer and the pricing isn't even too expensive. You'll only be paying £48 a month, putting this along the same prices as some of the 4G versions of the phone.View Deal

What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 like?

The cheapest of the three new devices but easily the one most people will go for. Like its two bigger brothers, the S20 comes with a 120Hz display meaning smooth transitions between different apps and activities. It has the smallest display at 6.2-inches but holds the same Quad-HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display. Internally, there's a triple camera set-up, offering a telephoto 64MP camera and a wide angle and Ultra Wide, plus a 4000mAh battery and 12GB RAM.

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