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Playboy for iPad app, not an app after all

An iPad-optimised Playboy website will launch on May 18th

The mystery of how Playboy is going to beat the App Store censors to appear in full on the Apple iPad iPad has been solved.

Steve Jobs hasn't relented and softened his anti-porn stance to allow a full Playboy for iPad magazine, Hugh Hefner's boys have simply come up with an optimised website so its content will work on the iPad.

The new site, will go live on May 18th and will charge subscribers $8 (£5) a month for access some good old-fashioned nudity.

Apparently the new subscription-based model will also feature every Playboy issue in its entirety when the service goes live.

Complete and uncensored

Hefner tweeted late last week that the iPad was coming "complete and uncensored" on May 18th, leading to speculation as to whether the company was somehow going to shoehorn an app into the App Store.

Reports suggest that a full app could still be on the cards, but for now fans of naked models and interesting editorials will have to be content with the new iPad-optimised website.