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Google scores World Cup 2010 goal

Google scores Gooooals
Google scores Gooooals

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you may have noticed that there's a football World Cup this year which begins 11 June.

Google knows this and has started celebrating early by adding a small, but great Easter egg to its search engine.

Simply type in World Cup 2010, scroll to the bottom and there you have it, Google's very own Gooooal!

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Google is no stranger to adapting its search engine for significant dates in the calendar.

It celebrates famous people's birthdays, holiday seasons and more by adapting its logo – but this time it is Google's actual search section which has been adapted.

As an extra bonus, typing World Cup into Google also gives you a calendar of kick-off times and a whole host of stats.

For the sake of balance, Bing also gives you these details. And, as for Wolfram Alpha, well it states: "Assuming 'world cup' is a gene | Use as 'a word' instead." Er, we'll have what Wolfram Alpha is drinking.

Via Mashable