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Google closes newspaper archive project

Google: Not always as successful as you might think
Google: Not always as successful as you might think

Google has shut its newspaper archive project down, after digitising around 2,000 titles.

The search engine had hoped to create a mass digital library of every article ever written, but Google has announced that it will not be processing any more files.

A spokesperson for Google said, "We work closely with newspaper partners on a number of initiatives, and as part of the Google News Archives digitization program we collaborated to make older newspapers accessible and searchable online.

"These have included publications like the London Advertiser in 1895, L'Ami du Lecteur at the turn of the century, and the Milwaukee Sentinel from 1910 to 1995."


The statement continued, "Users can continue to search digitized newspapers at, but we don't plan to introduce any further features or functionality to the Google News Archives and we are no longer accepting new microfilm or digital files for processing."

According to an email sent to newspaper partners, Google has drawn the curtains on the Google News Archives programme in order to concentrated on "newer projects that help the industry, such as Google One Pass, a platform that enables publishers to sell content and subscriptions directly from their own sites."

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