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Google brings Voice and Image Search to desktop

Google adds Voice and Image search to desktops

Google announced Image and Voice Search will be coming to desktop browsers during its Inside Search event on Wednesday.

Image search, which has proved popular on Android on iPhone, will be rolled-out in the coming days and will allow users to simply drag and drop an image file into the search query bar.

Google will then return web results identifying the picture as well as a host of similar pictures that are available from Google Images.

Users can also upload an image from their hard-drives, copy and paste an image url or use new add-ons for both the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Voice Search on your PC

Google has also added Voice Search to desktop browsers after revealing that 6.2 years worth of non-stop speech is handled through voice-based smartphone queries every day.

Just like on smartphones, a little microphone will appear next to the search bar allowing users to simply speak their requests into their PC.

Google has also added more languages to cover even more of the world's population.