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UK cloud providers struggling to keep up

How do you sell a cloud?
British vendors are not moving fast enough

UK cloud suppliers are falling short when it comes to selling cloud services to customers, according to a new survey.

IT services expert MTI said that cloud products are evolving too fast for the e-UK channel to meet the fluctuating demands of their clients.

The survey of UK resellers and service providers found that the most commonly demanded service from UK businesses is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), with 77 per cent of respondents reporting it as a top request from their clients.

This might be high, but less than half of these companies provide IaaS directly and just a fifth can provide the service through vendors. Another fifth of the respondents might not sell IaaS for another year.

Nearly two thirds of respondents are seeing the least demand for managed security services from their clients, yet three quarters of the resellers provide the service either directly or through a vendor.

Can't keep up

Chris Roberts, Head of Channel Sales at MTI, said that the research demonstrates there is a clear contrast between what clients want and what resellers and service providers are delivering – either directly or through a vendor partner.

He thinks that part of the problem is that customers' demands evolve with the technology, leaving the suppliers scrabbling around trying to keep up.

"It's very difficult for resellers to be flexible enough to provide solutions as and when they come into fashion or when demand from clients peaks. Partnering with a services expert allows these businesses to successfully provide a range of solutions indirectly, without having to worry about providing themselves," Roberts said.