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Amazon Preview puts you in the producer chair, lets you greenlight TV and films

Amazon Preview puts you in the producer's chair
TV time in internetland

Amazon has launched a new scheme to let its customers help decide what TV shows and movies the company will make for its streaming services.

Amazon Preview is invite-only for now, with the company's favourite customers getting the "exclusive opportunity" to help shape Amazon's homemade Movies and TV series.

The lucky few will get early access to shows and films in return for their feedback.

Game on

Amazon Instant Video, and its UK-based Lovefilm service, is ramping up its production of original shows and movies as it follows in Netflix's stead.

Netflix has already notched up an Emmy for its House of Cards remake, funded fan-favourite Arrested Development and is now gunning for an Oscar with its first original documentary feature film.

Amazon hasn't garnered quite so much success with its homegrown shows like Vikings - no doubt it is hoping that focus groups will turn this around and win you all back to the Amazon fold.