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Sony to put 3mm OLED TV on sale in Japan

Sony's wafer-thin 11-inch OLED TV will be available to buy in Japan this year.

In a sharp piece of decision-making that's unusual for the world of experimental cutting-edge technology, Sony has announced that one of those OLED televisions we looked at yesterday will be going on sale in Japan later this year.

The chosen screen is not the large 27-inch high-definition panel that is 9mm thick, rather it's the tiny 11-inch, 3mm thick TV with a lower resolution of just 1024 x 600 pixels.

Status-symbol telly

There's no word at all on price, although our best guess is that it's likely to cost upwards of ¥300,000 (£1,273). Speaking to Reuters , Sony manager Kazuhiro Imai pulled no punches about cost, saying "OLED sets are very expensive, and we mean to begin first by marketing the TVs as a status symbol."

The pricey television sets will appear in Japan sometime this year with a production run of 1,000 units a month, but there are no immediate plans for a launch elsewhere in the world.