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Samsung TVs to support DivX movies

DivX certification is becoming popular on TVs
DivX certification is becoming popular on TVs

Samsung and DivX have announced selected digital TVs will be able to play movies in the DivX format from next year.

Using USB ports or Ethernet to access a DLNA, any movies in the format will be playable on Samsung's screens.

Samsung already has a close relationship with company, as many of its newer phones carry DivX support.

Movie magic

DivX also recently announced a deal with Warner Bros to let users download SD and HD movies from the film studios catalogue, so we expect to see many more of these kind of deals in the near future.

The DivX-certified Samsung devices will be available in early 2009, which will be before the release of HD Warner Bros, but will allow further penetration of the DLNA networks already present in many homes.

LG already supports the format on some of its TVs, so Samsung has once again followed its Korean rival down the DivX path, having done the same thing with mobile phones.