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Google's plan to deliver the internet via drones is dead

Now that companies such as Google and Facebook have saturated the developed world with their services, the race is on to reach the world’s developing economies. 

In particular, Google has a couple of initiatives to bring the internet to countries where the infrastructure doesn’t yet exist to support it. 

Well at least, it used to have a couple, since the company has recently confirmed to 9to5Google that it’s killed off its solar-powered drone technology as a means of distributing the internet. 

X victim

The cull happened shortly after Google (now Alphabet’s) reshuffle, which saw the Titan division absorbed into Alphabet’s experimental ‘X’ division.

Although Google has a number of other drone projects currently underway (including the delivery-based Black Rock and Project Wing), it no longer intends to use the technology to deliver internet specifically.

Instead, the company’s internet delivery efforts will be focused around Project Loom, which uses hot-air balloons instead. These balloons rise and lower to take advantage of differently directed air streams.