Google teases the Pixel 3 without giving much away

Google has just provided a not very subtle – but also not very enlightening – tease that the Google Pixel 3 is on the way.

It comes in the form of a big number 3 on its online store, and along with the number there’s the option to sign up for updates, but that’s all.

Still, perhaps Google felt the teaser was needed, as while we know for sure that Google is holding an announcement on October 9, as it has sent out invites to one, they gave even less away, with just the text ‘I <3 NY’ included.

Of course, the 3 making up part of the heart is a clear indication that the Pixel 3 is what we’ll see, but a massive 3 on its own is even less ambiguous.

Google Pixel 3

That's definitely a reference to the Google Pixel 3

One 3, many possible meanings

But while the 3 is clearly a reference to the Google Pixel 3, could it be more than that? Could it be a hint – as PocketNow suggests - that three phones are on the way? 

Apple launches three each year now and there are rumors that Samsung will launch three versions of the Galaxy S10, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Google wanted to get in on the act.

There have even been rumors of three new Pixel handsets, though more recently we’ve only heard about two, so we doubt there will be three of them.

It could also be a hint at three cameras, which is another thing we’ve heard rumored, with claims of there being two on the front and one on the back.

Ultimately it probably just means that the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are on the way. But one thing’s for sure - we’ve got less than a month left to wait for them.

James Rogerson

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