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Sony PS Vita specs revealed, still big on RAM

PS Vita - still packing powerful RAM
PS Vita - still packing powerful RAM

New specifications have been revealed for the Sony PS Vita and it seems that the handheld has not lost any of its power, despite reports insisting the console's RAM had been slashed to make it cheaper.

According to a new Sony press release this isn't the case as the specs reveal that it will indeed have 512MB of RAM and some 128MB of VRAM to go alongside this.

Feature focus

Other features include a screen resolution of 640x480 (VGA) and frame rates will be 60 frames per second. This can be doubled, however, to 120fps but the resolution is cut to 320x240 (QVGA).

Sony is still keeping some details close to its heart. These include how much on-board storage the device will eventually have and we still don't know when the PS Vita UK release date will be.

Sony has had something of a busy week – it has announced a new budget friendly PSP, the PSP E-100 and the PlayStation 3 has also gone below the £200 mark for the very first time.

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