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Sony CEO: PSN hack was just a hiccup

Stringer says PSN hack was just a hiccup, nothing more
Stringer says PSN hack was just a hiccup, nothing more

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has spoken out about the security issues faced by the PlayStation Network, arguing that no online service is '100 per cent secure'.

He also described the weeks-long absence of the PSN as a 'hiccup' in Sony's network strategy, which includes internet connected TVs and music services - no doubt that comment will garner yet more disgruntled PS3 gamers' ire.

"Nobody's system is 100 percent secure," he said in a phone interview with Bloomberg. "This is a hiccup in the road to a network future."

Fight the good fight

Meanwhile, he told the Wall Street Journal that ensuring network security is "a never-ending process."

"It's one of those dynamic situations where the bad guys get better and the good guys have to keep getting better too," he continued.

Sony has also announced a number of compensatory measures, including free game downloads and a fraud protection plan which will be offered to UK PSN users for free for a year.

Head of communications Nick Caplin writes on Sony's PlayStation blog, "The programme will… allow eligible PSN/Qriocity members impacted by the recent data breach to avail themselves of an identity protection programme.

"It comprises monitoring, surveillance, reporting and insurance for all existing eligible PSN/Qriocity registrants."

From Bloomberg via PCMag