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Make a music fan's day by letting them listen to hundreds of internet radio stations from across the world, stream music from their phone, tablet or laptop to a wireless speaker, or hone their DJing skills with one of these great gifts.

Internet radios

Logitech UE Smart Radio - £130

Logitech UE Smart Radio

Logitech's radio is stunningly versatile - it can link to loads of internet music services, such as and Spotify; its room-filling sound is every bit as good as radios twice the price; and the built-in rechargeable battery means you can listen to music while relaxing in the tub. We love its intuitive navigation, and the ability to control it from a smartphone.

Roberts Stream 105 - £100

Roberts Stream 105

The Stream 105 looks the part. The monochrome display is nice and straightforward, and sound is decent if not exceptional. A companion smartphone app enables you to control it from afar, and you can chuck some batteries in the back to listen to music in the garden - provided you're within Wi-Fi range.

3Pure Sensia 200D Connect - £230

Pure Sensia 200D Connect

Its eye-catching looks may not be for everyone, but the sound is as bright as some of its colour options - and it's available in a range of more subtle hues.

The large, responsive touchscreen makes browsing stations a breeze, and it's pre-loaded with ambient sounds to fall asleep to. The ability to plug in a USB drive and record radio for later is a nice touch.

Revo AXiS - £136

Revo AXiS

Connect a smartphone into the Revo Axis and you're able to play all your tunes through it - and it's also a fairly comprehensive internet radio, too.

It includes both DAB and analogue receivers, so you can listen to all your favourite terrestrial stations, as well as access internet music streaming service Its sound is solid and well-rounded, but the touchscreen is a little fiddly and unresponsive.

Sonos Play:3 - £250

Sonos Play:3

This radio lacks a screen, but it can be controlled using software on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Although it's the priciest here, its astonishing sound makes it worth every penny.

Each of its three speakers has its own amplifier, which means bass and treble are separated and it sounds like a high-end hi-fi.

It can also be turned vertically so it looks inconspicuous on a bookshelf, or wall-mounted if you want to show off its minimalist looks.

Wireless speakers

Beats by Dre Pill - £170

Beats by Dr Dre Pill

Any worries we had about Beats by Dre products being a cash-in on the hip-hop artist's name vanished as soon as we heard the Pill. It's about the size of a banana, but the sound is astonishing, matching Dre's trademark bass with crisp trebles.

It also includes NFC, so you can tap devices on the speaker to pair them. Battery power rounds off this miniature marvel.

Bose SoundLink II

This Bose speaker features interchangeable coloured leather covers, and combines classic radio looks with space-age technology. Stereo separation is excellent, the bass levels are clear and it hits the high-end notes perfectly.

In fact, it sounds much more like a proper hi-fi system than a tiny battery-powered device. Our only issue is with the plastic trim, which feels cheap on such an otherwise well-made and expensive device.

Logitech UE Boombox - £130

Logitech UE Boombox

The UE Boombox looks like a cross between a space-age radio and an ancient electric heater. Despite its relatively large size, it's designed with portability in mind, and it feels nice and tough.

The sound quality is very expansive and great for outdoor use, but there are times when the bass drowns out everything else. A control dial would be a great addition here.

Creative D80 - £32

Creative D80

Creative's Bluetooth speakers come in pink, blue, green and black, which makes them a colourful addition to any home. They're also the most affordable in our test, but their sound quality is distinctive and punchy, and they feel reassuringly heavy and well-built.

They lack a battery, so you can't take your music too far from a mains outlet, but their modest price and smart design will please discerning teenage audiophiles.

5. JBL Flip - £100

JBL Flip

This speaker sounded good enough when we first tested it - and then we realised we had it the wrong way round. With that error corrected, it's astonishing, delivering a finely-tuned, crisp sound that belies its tiny size.

It can be oriented horizontally or vertically, so it doesn't take up too much space, and it's battery-powered for portability. You can even make and receive calls while your smartphone is still connected.

Gifts for budding DJs

HP Envy 23 - £630

HP Envy 23

A touchscreen and built-in Beats Audio tech mean the Envy 23 sounds amazing, and is perfect for mixing and crossfading at home. It's probably a little cumbersome to take on the road, though.

Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer - £155

Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

If you're going to apply your dulcet tones to a track you're working on, make sure they're not a half-note off with this little gadget. It even includes built-in audio exercises to train you up, and has support for two voices in harmony.

Bose AE2 Headphones - £130

Bose AE2 Headphones

Invest in a decent pair of headphones and your DJ experience will be all the sweeter for it. The over-ear AE2s isolate sound well, and rotate for easy mixing in noisy environments.

Hercules DeeJay TRIM 4&6 - £160

Hercules DeeJay TRIM 4and6

Scratching and mixing using vinyl is great if you've got a good collection of wax, but you don't need it - the DeeJay TRIM uses a special timecoded 12-inch disc and VirtualDJ software to translate your movements into the digital domain.

Audioquest DragonFly DAC - £169

Audioquest DragonFly DAC

Hi-fi purists will always rave about the warmth and purity of sound you only get from vinyl. Add some of that warmth to your digital output with this minuscule digital to analogue converter.

Philips Shoqbox - £130

Philips Shoqbox

This is the perfect little speaker for intimate parties. It's rugged, highly portable and goes particularly loud - and you can choose to use it via Bluetooth or direct line input for added versatility.

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro - £165

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro

This is simply the best USB microphone on the market. It's clear, controllable and convenient, and its integrated XLR sockets mean it's equally at home on your desk or in a pro recording setup.

ION Profile USB Turntable - £70

ION Profile USB Turntable

Your fattest beats needn't be trapped on vinyl. This isn't the greatest turntable in the world, but it's a cheap and convenient way to transform your favourite analogue tunes into MP3 format.

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